[FRAMED]: Émilie Gagnon, Production Coordinator, MTL

4 min readMay 21, 2021

[FRAMED] exists to shine light on Framestore’s most fascinating cast of characters: its people. Presented with a probing list of questions and a demandingly short deadline, this feature puts the hopes, dreams, and desktops of our MVPs on the digital wall, for all to see. Welcome to [FRAMED].

What are you guilty of?

Trying to befriend every cat that crosses my path.

What was your last brush with danger?

Coming home 2 minutes before curfew.

Your last brush with greatness?

Visiting the Tōdai-ji temple in Japan. There’s a giant Buddha sculpture inside one of the buildings that is 15m high!

Your worst character fault?

Always imagining the worst outcome first.

Your most shining quality?

I’m a good listener.

You’re on the run from the law, where are you headed?

Probably the police station, It would be way too stressful to be on the run!

Who’s your partner-in-crime?

My boyfriend

What’s your favorite movie/TV show and why?

The Office. You can watch this show over and over again and you’ll still feel as embarrassed and laugh and cry as much as the first time!

Your greatest achievement?

Just being happy with where I am in my life.

Most valuable skill?


Go on, say something bragging:

I was on a phone call with Carol Baskin for work (ok I was just taking notes but it still counts!).

Name your vice/pet peeve?

I cannot resist a good desert

The DREAM project would entail:

A Disney movie with cute 3D animals/characters

Your career highlight to date:

Being on a zoom call with Zack Snyder who was congratulating the Army of the Dead team for the amazing work we did!

This week I learnt that:

A giraffe’s “horns” are called ossicones. I love what I learn in dailies because of references used for assets!

What’s your current view?

My desk is facing a wall with some shelves that have art, candles and figurines on them. If I turn to my right, my cat is looking at me and asking to be fed this instant (this is a recurrent view during the day ;)).

Give us a desk tour

On the left of my desk I have a spot for my notebook where I keep my to do list for work, behind it there’s my work laptop where I keep an eye on my work calendar and do my google meets. In the middle, I have a monitor that is plugged into my laptop; that’s Shotgun’s privileged spot. The monitor is sitting on a screen raiser that has small figurines, cute metal boxes and post-it notes on it. In front of the monitor there’s my wireless keyboard and mouse. Moving to the right, you’ll see another monitor. This one is plugged in my personal computer. Same for that second set of keyboard and mouse. I use my personal computer to play music while I work. Finally, I have some coasters for my coffee and glass of water.

What do you need to work, on the daily?

My morning cup of coffee and my to do list to make sure I don’t forget anything!

Framestore is, to you, in three words:

Diversity, teamwork and welcoming.

Best thing about your work environment?

Being able to relax on the couch with my cat during lunch time.

Framestore is great at:

Delivering amazing work! I’m always impressed with what our teams are able to achieve.

Favourite artform?

Drawing (traditional and digital)

Favourite image?

Depends on the moment but here’s my favorite illustration from one of the artists I follow at the moment. (https://www.nemupan.com/)

Fictional character you’d like to hang with?

Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. | (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

Happiness looks like:

A beautiful day where you do what you want with the people you love.

If not here, then where?


What do you think of too often?

House chores

And not enough?

Nothing. I mean thinking about nothing, clearing the mind.

Couldn’t live without:

My cat

If you ruled the world:

Environment would be a priority.

How are you staying inspired by working remotely?

Listening to music.

How are you spending your weekends?

Usually starting with some chores and then doing fun things like watching series/movies, playing video games, yoga, going outside, etc.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned about yourself during quarantine?

I really don’t deal well with being bored!

Include a pic of your work station

Émilie Gagnon, you’ve been [FRAMED].




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