[FRAMED]: Ivan Sorgente, Lead Compositor, LDN

4 min readJul 15, 2022


[FRAMED] exists to shine light on Framestore’s most fascinating cast of characters: its people. Presented with a probing list of questions and a demandingly short deadline, this feature puts the hopes, dreams, and desktops of our MVPs on the digital wall, for all to see. Welcome to [FRAMED].

What are you guilty of?

Spinning on my head whilst in a polar bear costume during the Dolittle wrap party.

What was your last brush with danger?

My first time on the slopes, and first time on a snowboard, I definitely got confident too quickly, resulting in brutally falling on my neck.

Your last brush with greatness?

Using Houdini to previsualize which type of furniture we would need, and how the light would fall on them in our new flat… and yes, I went as far as shooting multiple hdri, and lidar scanning everything. I’m clearly losing it.

Your worst character fault?


If you had taken a different path, what would you be doing now?

I definitely would still be breakdancing around the world and if in need of a daily job it will probably be related to business management or coming up with advertising tag lines.

You’re on the run from the law, where are you headed?

Songshan mountains, my name is now Toshin and I’m “furLess”.

Who’s your partner-in-crime?

My beautiful girlfriend.

Fantasy cellmate?

It will be great to have a fusion between Fibonacci and Andrew Schulz. That sounds like the type of party I wanna be involved in!

Your greatest achievement?

Managed to survive without sun and sea or as I like to define it, without seasons, for the last 8 years. as Borat would say “Great success!”.

Most valuable skill?

I’m a sponge. When surrounded by talent I will absorb as much as possible and when someone is in need I will happily release all I have to offer.

Go on, say something bragging:

I used to be able to do pretty incredible things with my body, here’s video proof of a 1(me) vs 7 competition. If you ask kindly, I still have some muscle memory left.

Name your vice/pet peeve?

Drivers flashing you for going at the correct speed limit. If you are in a rush, get out earlier next time.

The DREAM project would entail:

Blade Runner 2099.

Your career highlight to date:

Having the honour to work as compositing supervisor on the next Guardians of the Galaxy film!

This week I learnt that:

Iteration of a function for x amount of times = fractals. I feel dumb.

Give us a desk tour!

Kidding, I’ve just tidied this up. In reality, this ends up becoming much more of an organised mess. There will be a few Nespresso sleeves, espresso cups dotted around, a few sticky notes below my monitors, and some super nerdy technical books of which I’ve only read the first half.

What do you need to work on the daily?

Some sort of soundtrack for the day and a few GOOD coffees.

Framestore is, to you, in three words:

Creative, innovative, friendship.

Best thing about your work environment?

Everyone is extremely talented and with such a unique background, there’s no way you can stop learning and improving this way.

Framestore is great at:

Producing beautiful images!

Favourite image?

Fictional character you’d like to hang with?

Sherlock Holmes.

Happiness looks like:

A bonfire with friends on a beach at night, someone is playing a guitar in the background.

If not here, then where?


What do you think of too often?

What if…

And not enough?

Time moves fast, too fast! Technically, time doesn’t move, but you get the idea.

Couldn’t live without:


If you ruled the world:

Everything will be free, people will only focus on what they love doing, currency will be a thing of the past.

Ivan Sorgente, you’ve been [FRAMED].




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