[FRAMED]: Simon Jensen, Producer, CHI

4 min readJan 12, 2023


[FRAMED] exists to shine light on Framestore’s most fascinating cast of characters: its people. Presented with a probing list of questions and a demandingly short deadline, this feature puts the hopes, dreams, and desktops of our MVPs on the digital wall, for all to see. Welcome to [FRAMED].

What are you guilty of?

Killing off every plant I bring into my apartment. I lack a green thumb.

What was your last brush with danger?

Got lost on a hike through Red Rock State Park outside of Vegas. Ran out of water and had no cell service. The sun set and I thought I would have to sleep in the desert before I found footprints in the sand using my phone flashlight and was able to backtrack my way back to the parking lot. On a positive note, I witnessed the most beautiful night sky of my life that night!

Your last brush with greatness?

I conned my way into a half-court shot contest at a Chicago Bulls game pretending to be a college student and winning money to pay for my “textbooks.”

Your worst character fault?

I’m quite gullible. Should I have made that information public?

If you had taken a different path, what would you be doing now?

The career aptitude test I took in high school said I should be a landscape architect.

You’re on the run from the law, where are you headed?

I’d make my way to Tuscany where I would live a quiet life making focaccia, wine, and olive oil.

Who’s your partner-in-crime?

My best friend Sam. We got up to our fair share of trouble growing up.

Fantasy cellmate?

Andy Dufresne. I mean if he’s gotten out before surely he could do it again with me?

Your greatest achievement of 2022?

Finding a person who loves me and whom I love back. We got married back on July 30!

Most valuable skill?


Go on, say something bragging:

I’m a bar trivia all-star.

Name your vice/pet peeve?

Don’t look at my hands; my vice is that I’m a gnarly nail-biter. My pet peeve is hearing my college-aged upstairs neighbors stomping around doing Tik-Tok dances above my bedroom as I’m trying to go to sleep.

The DREAM project would entail:

I work in the IA department, so working on a TV or film project would be a welcomed challenge in the future.

Your career highlight to date:

Being a part of the OG Framestore Chicago team (working in an office that was still under construction at the time) and witnessing/taking part in the growth and success we’ve managed in just 5.5 years!

This week I learnt that:

I’m really bad at wrapping holiday gifts.

Give us a desk tour [personal items, tools, software]

I’m in the middle of moving so my setup is pretty bare bones. Just the basics: my MacBook, a notebook filled with to-dos/notes, and a cup of coffee.

What do you need to work, on the daily?

An email that needs immediate attention. Then after that, I’m focused in and am off to the races the rest of the day.

Framestore is, to you, in three words:

Innovation. Growth. Groot.

Best thing about your work environment?

It’s cliche, but it’s gotta be the people. I’m surrounded by great friends, mentors, creators, and collaborators on a daily basis. I feel very lucky to work in such a positive environment.

Framestore is great at

Finding a solution to any ask that comes our way. No matter how far-fetched or impossible a request may seem, we always seem to figure it out and exceed expectations.

Favourite artform?

I love it when I can get truly lost in a movie and be transported to another place for 2 hours.

Favourite image?

This couple splitting up their Beanie Babies collection in a divorce court in the 90s.

Fictional character you’d like to hang with?

Indiana Jones. I get to uncover treasures and beat up Nazis? Sign me up.

Happiness looks like:

A cigar and a glass of bourbon on a nice summer night with my wife. We just need a dog to add to this picture and all would be perfect!

If not here, then where?

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be!

What do you think of too often?

You’re asking an ADHD person what they think about too often? How much room does this Framed article have…?

And not enough?

Reconnecting with the people who were once special or influential in my life, but have lost touch with over the years.

Couldn’t live without:

My wife, my family, and my friends. I would be a miserable soul without my loved ones.

If you ruled the world:

Fix all the potholes in Chicago, then quit immediately. I can’t handle the level of stress it would take to run the world.

Simon Jensen, you’ve been [FRAMED].




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